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Society of American Archivists at University of Missouri student chapter

Established in Dec 2016, SAAMUSC builds a learning community and provides professional development and networking opportunities for students interested in the archival profession!

As a Student Chapter of the Society of American Archivists (SAA) we serve to introduce new archivists into the profession, promote communication among student members nationwide, and ultimately develop leaders of tomorrow’s archives profession.



Our Activities

We organize activities and events related to archives on Mizzou’s campus and in Missouri. Our officers coordinate event planning in collaboration with SISLT student organizations LISGSA, the ASIS&T Student Chapter, and the Learning Technologies GSA, among others at MU. Below are some descriptive summaries!

Spring 2017:

  • April 8, 2017:
    • At the LISGSA Spring Conference, “Engaging Your Community,” SAAMUSC members participated by briefly discussing some of the ways in which archiving connects with communities. Dr. Buchanan discussed a recent service learning course partnered with the Black Archives of Mid-America, and three SAAMUSC members presented a poster about the course participants’ contributions including collections processed. [event.flyer]
  • March 16, 2017:
    • Today the SAAMUSC had its first event as an official organization. We toured the MU Research Reactor (MURR). Tamara Inge, also an SAAMUSC member, coordinated the tour and is an archivist at the MURR. She and our tour guide Mark Beary led us around the facility, provided a technical overview of the reactor, the history of the facility, and defined some nuclear lingo.
    • MURR is currently the most powerful university research nuclear reactor in the nation, producing 10mW of electricity, though power production is not its main aim. In addition to enabling UM research from various disciplines, the MURR also produces a variety of products for nuclear pharmacuetical applications.
    • Documentation is omnipresent along with records retention requirements. Tamara described how she and the two other archivists enable institutional memory, by quickly finding the documentation for past studies. So, in addition to peering into the core of an active nuclear reactor and the control room, we saw some archaeometry lab work in progress, viewed the archives of the MURR, and learned about why so many documents are created in such an institution. This was a great example of the importance of the work of archivists in a scientific research or corporate institution. –Dylan Martin [event flyer]

Fall 2016:

  • December 3, 2016:
    • We had a great first meeting at the LISGSA Fall Networking Event! We shared lunch, talked about career paths in archives, and shared tips for professional success. After a group discussion, we broke out for a focused chat about the Society of American Archivists - what it is, what it does, and what it provides for new professionals. We also discussed local and regional groups: making connections and laying the practical groundwork for forming a student chapter of SAA. [minutes; event flyer, Reflector 201]


Spring 2017 saw us taking sequential steps to establish our new student chapter on campus and in the LIS Program. To facilitate communication we maintain a:

We also drafted and then voted on bylaws, approved on 2/18/17 by the membership:

In sum, we attended an info session on 1/24 and 4/17, applied for recognition by the MU ORG Office on 2/20 (approved! on 3/23), voted on officers from Mar 6-9, seated our elected, inaugural officers on Mon Mar 13, and submitted our materials to SAA Council for consideration at their May 16-17, 2017 meeting (chartered! on 5/16).

Below are our Officers


  • Jennifer Walker (President), Alora Bauer (Vice President), Erin Niederberger (Secretary), Brian Flanagin (Treasurer), Katie Wibbenmeyer (LISGSA Liaison), & Dylan Martin (Communication Chair). Sarah Buchanan is Faculty Advisor.
  • Annual Report, May 31, 2017.

Thank you for your interest and support!


Get Involved

We welcome you to join us in SAAMUSC! As stated in our Constitution, membership is open to any currently enrolled student or employee of the University of Missouri. All individual SAA members in good standing shall also be eligible for membership in SAAMUSC. Alumni of any SISLT program are welcome to attend our events and meetings.

Join SAA then Contact current officers (Secretary) to join SAAMUSC

Below we provide links to further information:

enroll: in SISLT! #MIZ
  • program: Library and Information Science program, School of Information Science & Learning Technologies, in the College of Education at the University of Missouri
  • apply: Master’s degree in Information Science and Learning Technologies
  • apply: Ph.D. in Information Science and Learning Technologies
  • enroll: view courses and enroll at myZou

In addition to an archives and records management specialization (of archives courses) within the LIS master’s program, students complete a Practicum.

join: SAA as a student or individual member!

We look forward to meeting you!


Professional Development

SISLT offers Conference Travel Support for master’s and doctoral students to present at both local and national conferences.

The School of Information Science & Learning Technologies is a member of the iSchools organization.

The SAA Career Center hosts job postings and career learning resources, and for more see ArchivesGig. Missouri is home to the NARA Kansas City branch, the NPRC in St. Louis, and the Harry S. Truman Presidential Library.

SAA’s 45 Sections invite you to contribute to professional initiatives. In particular the Students and New Archives Professionals [SNAP] Section hosts several resources including Student Chapter meetups at the Annual Meetings.

We aim to collaborate closely with the Missouri Association for Museums & Archives [MAMA], which hosts an Annual Meeting in October.

SAA’s Regional Archival Associations Consortium [RAAC] facilitates information exchange between archives organizations across America. Students may also find the Midwest Archives Conference [MAC], Kansas City Area Archivists [KCAA], and Association of St. Louis Area Archivists [ASLAA] helpful.

See more topical resources compiled by peers at the Rutgers student organization.



SISLT graduate courses in the Archives and Records Management specialization adhere to the SAA Guidelines for a Graduate Program in Archival Studies [GPAS].

The Library and Information Science program at Mizzou celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2016-17. We launched our celebration at the SISLT Reception, MLA 2016.

Archival institutions on Mizzou’s campus include the University Archives, the State Historical Society of Missouri in Columbia, and the UM System Records Management Office, among others!

Archives Change Lives! Check out the video which premiered at ARCHIVES 2015 opening plenary in Cleveland:

Contact us anytime! ~ Thank you ~